RIVERBEND GYMNASTICS’ students receive continuous individualized assessment and expert training to develop proper technique, which imparts athletic benefits to all sports participation, even at a recreational level. No matter which sports they eventually venture into, including competitive gymnastics, RIVERBEND GYMNASTICS’ students are started off in the right direction. The goal of such instruction at RIVERBEND GYMNASTICS is to build our students’ athletic self-confidence and awareness by positive engagement in step-by-step, progressive gymnastics training.

RIVERBEND GYMNASTICS’ owner and Head Coach, Ethan Leaming, brings a lifetime of gymnastics experience to “The Little Gym In Covington.” Trained in the Russian tradition, Coach Ethan extolls gymnastics as, “The Mother of All Sports.” Our philosophy of open and on-going communication between parents and Coach Ethan is essential to our success of developing students to their fullest athletic potential.

Coach Ethan oversees and teaches each class at RIVERBEND GYMNASTICS. Coach Ethan is masterful in breaking down a skill into fundamental segments so students are more apt to understand and master the skill. If a student shows up for every class in a session, arrives on time and is willing to properly participate, the student will leave RIVERBEND GYMNASTICS training with greater strength, more flexibility and increased knowledge of proper gymnastics technique.


The Sound Principles and Foundation of Our Training

1. TECHNIQUE: Do you know WHAT to do?

2. STRENGTH: Are your muscles strong enough to propel/support you through the skill?

3. FLEXIBILITY: Are you flexible enough to form your body into the proper shape/form/position?

Gymnastics is the ultimate sports foundation. It helps to develop coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, and work ethic. It is a team sport that imparts supportive, caring and relationship-building skills. Gymnastics training helps develop many attributes that will benefit students throughout their lives in all endeavors. RIVERBEND GYMNASTICS most important goal is to provide a positive and fun learning experience, resulting in the blossoming of each student’s self-esteem as they are uplifted with every new accomplishment. We strive to develop confident, caring and well-focused future adults who learn the principles of achieving success.