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Q: How will my child’s class be appropriately chosen?
A: Riverbend Gymnastics’ classes are assigned by age for pre-K children. Kindergarteners and older children are assigned by age and gender. Ages and genders are indicated in our class descriptions.

Q: Do you require try-outs for placements?
A: There are no formal or scheduled try-outs.  Students who display an exceptional understanding and execution of required skills will be invited to one of our more advanced classes or the competitive team

Q: Do you offer individualized evaluation and training?
A: Assessment of every child individually is an ongoing process throughout the session. Students work in groups within each class geared to their ability and skill level. Students are introduced to new skill sets as they are ready, and move on to other appropriate groups within their class as they advance in their training.

Q: What is the student/teacher ratio?
A: Typically, Riverbend Gymnastics’ classes have not more than six students per coach.

Q: If my child was not registered for the first day of a session, will it be possible to enroll at a later date?
A: We accept students for the first few weeks of any session provided openings are available. Please check with us.

Q: If I enroll my child later than the first class of a session, how will I be charged?
A: Late session enrollment fees are prorated. You will be charged beginning with the enrollment date.

Q: How qualified are the Riverbend Gymnastics’ coaches?
A: Our coaches are trained gymnasts. All coaches teach the class curriculum as prescribed by Head Coach.

Q: Do you offer private lessons?
A: Yes.  Please contact us for available times and pricing.

Q: Does your school participate in competitions?
A: Riverbend Gymnastics team members compete in USAG, LRG and NGA sanctioned events.

Q: When will my child achieve a back-handspring?
A: There are too many factors involved in developing any mid/high-level gymnastics skill to put a firm timeline on this skill. Typically, a student with average talent and above average work ethic and attendance can achieve a back-handspring in about two years. In the rarest of instances, a raw back-handspring can be achieved in as little as one day. Students with exceptional talent and strong perseverance will accomplish the skill somewhere in-between.

Q: What are your policies and procedures?
A: Please click here to go to view our policies and procedures.