Physical fitness is a measure of the body’s ability to function efficiently and effectively at work and play. Physical fitness is achieved through correct exercise, nutrition, hygiene and rest. Riverbend Gymnastics’ training concentrates on the first of these four physical fitness requirements of everyone’s daily routine. Our gymnastics’ classes are an excellent and fun way for students to pursue physical fitness through safe, organized, individualized and expert training.


While working both individually and as part of a team, Riverbend Gymnastics’ students are continuously encouraged to look and move forward in their training. We commend our students for all of their efforts. We guide students to be positive-thinking and to develop excellent goal-oriented behaviors. We teach our students to recognize that mistakes are part of learning, as stepping stones to achievement, and how they can always build from mistakes to better skill sets.


Discipline, focus and hard work are the cornerstones of all accomplishments. Riverbend Gymnastics’ students are trained and encouraged to put forth the effort and patience needed to accomplish new skills. Riverbend Gymnastics teaches discipline through a positive and structured environment that reinforces good learning patterns.

This approach demonstrates to the student the benefits of self-discipline; the order in which a student gains control and power in all of their endeavors. Riverbend Gymnastics’ concentration is directed to the students’ understanding of discipline and hard work, and how it achieves successful results. We love observing the exuberant happiness of a student who has reached a sought-after goal.


When positive patterns of discipline and hard work are pursued and the desired results are achieved, the joyful student develops confidence. Confidence is the state of being certain of oneself; the awareness of self and one’s own capabilities. A student’s level of confidence is determined by three basic elements: their sense of belonging, their level of achievement and their level of self-esteem.

Step by step, Riverbend Gymnastics brings the student through our training process that recognizes each of their accomplishments, both individually and as a team member. The student’s self-esteem increases as they are encouraged, embraced and supported by fellow students and coaches alike. This helps them blossom to further pursue their goals with enthusiasm. When their goals are achieved, they become more confident.


A good work ethic is a value based on hard work and diligence. It enhances good character. Developing good character and work ethic is a natural outcome of Riverbend Gymnastics’ training. The hard work and perseverance that we continuously encourage in our students develops into a positive habit. The student learns what is required to achieve a skill or goal, and it becomes a life-long value to them.

Riverbend Gymnastics’ students get to experience the rewards of a good work ethic as they progress through their training. This strengthens their character to persevere throughout life in a healthy and productive way.