All students must arrive to class on time. Punctuality is a life skill that enhances productivity, demonstrates respect and lessens stress. Classes begin with a comprehensive five to ten minute stretch routine. Proper stretching improves flexibility and helps prevent injuries.

Students must be promptly picked-up after class dismissal. All students are required to remain in the viewing/waiting area until they are picked up by an authorized adult.

If, for any reason, the student is not picked up within five minutes of class dismissal, one of the two following options will apply:

1. When a Riverbend Gymnastics’ employee is available to do so, they will wait with the student at the gym for a fee of $5 (five dollars) per every 15 (fifteen) minutes.

2. When a Riverbend Gymnastics’ employee is not available to wait at the gym for the student to be picked up, either Coach Adrianne or another employee will take the student home with them at a charge of $100 (one hundred dollars).


Any student displaying symptoms of illness, including but not limited to the following, should not be brought to class:

1. Fever
2. Diarrhea
3. Vomiting
4. Rash
5. Sore Throat
6. Chronic Coughing

Any student who has head lice or nits (eggs) will not be allowed to participate in class. Lice infestation is a nuisance and health issue, and Riverbend Gymnastics wants to keep others free of this bug.

Riverbend Gymnastics coaches and other employees WILL NOT administer medication to students.


Riverbend Gymnastics tuition is calculated by the session. Tuition is due in full on the first day of each session. We accept checks and cash only.


Payment plans are available to those students who have attended Riverbend Gymnastics for at least two consecutive sessions.  All payment plans must be paid in full by the eighth week of the Fall and Spring Sessions, and by the fourth week of the Summer Session.


We have only one type of discount for tuition. When two or more children from the same family are enrolled during the same session, a 5% (five percent) discount is given on the total cost of the family’s tuition for that session.


Tuition payment refunds are given only according to the TERMINATION policy and procedure as follows:


Termination is not retroactive; it is effective on the date Riverbend was notified of the termination.

Riverbend Gymnastics has two methods of terminating a student’s enrollment.

1. Self Termination: A student may withdraw from a session by notifying Riverbend Gymnastics in advance of the termination date. When a student withdraws from a session, Riverbend Gymnastics requires prior notification in order for a refund to be issued. Refunds will only be issued for those self-terminating prior to the eighth week of the session. No refunds will be issued after the eighth week of any session. In lieu of a refund, a gym credit will be established based on the unused portion of the tuition. The credit may be used for any future tuition, birthday parties and private lessons. The credit will expire one year from the date of termination.

2. Gym Termination: In its sole discretion, Riverbend Gymnastics reserves the right to terminate any student’s enrollment at any time. A refund of the session’s unused fee portion of the first eight weeks will then be issued, as calculated from the date of termination. No refunds will be issued after the eighth week of any session.


Missed classes may be made up at any time during the same session, but must first be scheduled with the front office.


Riverbend Gymnastics does not offer make-up classes for holiday closures as they are not included in tuition fees. Notice of holiday closures are posted in the viewing/waiting room.